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Toy Safety

Are the toys you buy safe?

This store follows Norwegian law on safety of toys. If a store like our can prove that they are a Norwegian organization, then this is an indication that the store legitimately operates in Norway and that the goods sold are, or may be, controlled by the Norwegian authorities.

Toucan Toys is a Norwegian online store. We are located at Stavanger in Rogaland, and we cooperate with the Norwegian authorities.

In Norway it is a requirement by law that all children’s toys are “CE” marked. This is a European labeling scheme in which the toy manufacturer guarantees that the toy is approved for sale in the EU and EEA areas. There are a number of standards under control of the EU that will help manufacturers to determine whether a product can be “CE” -certified or not. These major standards are EN 71-1 and EN 71-3.


At Toucan Toys number one priority is that we sell only certified safe toys. We believe toys that meets all Norwegian and European safety standards are allowed to be sold in our stores.

Toucan Toys in addition have concerns regarding chemicals children come in contact with. Bedding, clothes, gels, creams or soaps, etc., Are all categories that we believe parents should be aware of. Additional to these we believe that drinks bottles in plastic and plastic packaging for food can contain dangerous chemicals that could potentially reach children, for example, items used in microwaves. These are often products that are not classified as toys, and in some cases are not subject to as stringent limit values ​​for chemicals. We urge all our clients to pay attention to the safety labels provided with all toys, games, luggage and other products sold by Toucan Toys


Toys should not contain hazardous chemicals goes without saying.

Many have heard about Phthalates used in plastics?. It is used as a plasticizer and added to plastics and are release to the environment due there being no covalent bond between the plastic and the phthalates, it is currently banned for use in toys. But there is a much bigger list of dangerous substances: Lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, strontium and many more, they are either banned or they have very strict requirements for content in toys.

Toys that are made from natural materials, such as wood, or fabrics that follows oeko-tex standards are definitely a good choice if you want to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Toucan Toys have a variety of toys, the vast majority are from European suppliers. All wooden toys are painted with non-toxic, environmentally friendly paints. They are of course also tested to the high standards.

We at Toucan Toys advise that you follow the age ranges given to toys sold in our store. This is very important for toddlers under three years of age, but also for older children, some toys are only approved only of set ages. Read more about the appropriate toys for different age groups under “age” in your product menu.

Advice after you purchase a toy from us:

  • Follow the instructions carefully that come with the toy.
  • Keep an eye on the child during play time with the toy
  • Make sure your child plays with toys only suitable for the child’s age.
  • Remember helmet, knee, elbow and wrist guards when the child uses roller skates, skateboards, bicycles or scooters etc etc.
  • Check toys periodically. Damaged toys can cause harm. Discard broken toys immediately.
  • Make sure that you always remove the packaging.
  • Always make sure your child does not play with plastic bags.
  • Remember to clean the toy from time to time. As a rule, we recommend that you wash plastic and wooden toys by hand with soap, and you use a wash cloth. Teddies use a washing machine. Toys that contain electronic parts can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Enjoy shopping with Toucan Toys. At Toucan Toys you should feel confident that the products you find in our stores are safe for your children.

We hope you find something you like, if not please ask we will advise you on products that will suit your needs, please contact us on social media or info@toucantoys.no .


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