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Shipping and Payment

Shipping – Toucan Toys freight agreement with Bring ☺.The carrier deliver throughout Norway. You have the following delivery options:

Posten/Bring deliver to pick up the parcel at the nearest post office. Note that home delivery is not possible everywhere in the country.

  • For the retail customers there is NO shipping fee in Norway for order over 799kr. NOTE: for all orders with tracking No fees are applicable!
  • For the wholesale customers the shipping fee will be added on the invoice depending on the size of the parcel and delivery address.


It’s always exciting for you and the children to receive a package from Toucan Toys – as soon as possible! We pack orders normally the day after we receive the order. Bring pick on any weekday from Toucan Toys, using from 3-6 business days to transport package until your delivery address. Depending on where you live, and what day you order, assume that it will take from 3-10 days before you receive your package.

Transport Damage

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a damaged package, please immediately notify the post office first. Then send an email to us at info@toucantoys.no with pictures of the damadge attached.


If you order goods and the package remains unclaimed at the delivery location, so that it is returned to Toucan Toys, we must charge a fee of NOK 400, – kr. The amount covers the shipping and handling fee as Posten bill Toucan Toys.
Payment – Online or eAccounting invoice – It’s up to you ☺

You can choose between two safe and simple payment forms:

  • Debit or credit card with VISA / Mastercard: We use izettle and online payment Stripe. iZettel is a company from Sweden that is popular for their mobility Toucan Toys uses them for the operation of its banking terminals. Stripe is aglobal technology company that provides their service to such customers like Instacart, Hubspot, Unicef, Shopify, Facebook and more.  All information regarding your card is transferred safely to through iZettle and Stripe. Your card will be charged only when we send the goods to you. With our products and get a split consignment, you pay of course only for the items we send. Toucan Toys does not store your card information.
  • eAccounting Invoice: Toucan Toys using eAccounting Invoicing. Select invoice, then you get 14 days credit. The invoice will be sent electronically (as a PDF) to the email address you specified in the order. You are responsible for entering the correct email address. If you choose eAccounting invoice in the box, so you must enter your social security number. Toucan Toys does not save Social Security number, but sends it securely to allow an automatic credit of our customers. You get immediate response from eAccounting if credit is OK or not. Remember that name and Social Security number must match that eAccounting shall approve payment. EAccounting invoice is a payment method that is only possible for people over 18 years.

Don’t forget that there aren’t any payment fees at Toucan Toys.

Enjoy your shopping with Toucan Toys.

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