Walter the Dragon Pouf

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Toy Dragon Walter pouf – it’s a soft and colorful toy that can, sharing secrets and will still and look beautiful in your room.

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Interior decoration toy – pouf Dragon Walter from the Belgian brand Lilliputiens – he is much fun for your child. Sitting on it, he will feel very comfortable and you will be able to often rest on it while reading your favorite book!

Many children have their pets in their home nowadays, in one a dog, the others a cat. And you as parents brought in the an amazing dragon. And it can be even more real than any dogs and cats! Dragon Walter from Lilliputiens – it’s not just a toy pouf, but a real dragon, which you will be able to embrace, sit on it in silence and tell him secrets and mysteries.

Some of them you can even hide in his pockets on both sides, but there is one secret right into the jaws of Walter the dragon! Who can dare to put your hand directly into the mouth of him, deep in the belly of the beast is a pocket for these secrets? Lilliputiens dragon Walter is a real fun friend for your child!

Dragon Walter will sit beside your bed. He will reliably protect your dreams, and his magic wand with a yellow star will be cast spells so that only good dreams come that are interesting. Walter the Dragon is the most kind and cheerful of dragons.

Clients review:

“When I first saw him, I wanted to touch and feel how soft he was everywhere, he has a striped nose, spikes on his back as well as wings and a long tail. He has a welcoming smile that is warm, soft. Parents will see just an ordinary chair or stool, but we will not give the secret that he is much more?!”

Pouf Dragon Walter by Lilliputiens is presented in a beautiful green color. On each side of it there are pockets in which to store secrets in. You can hide secets in the dragon’s mouth, and they will be stay there safe and sound. Pouf Walter the Dragon will be an interesting and beautiful part of the room decor, and a comfortable chair for your child!

The cover can be taken off and is washable at 30 °C, (delicate wash), do not tumble dry.

Features Lilliputiens products:

  • Compliance with the most stringent international and European quality standards.
  • Constant monitoring of production and the careful selection of materials.
  • Convenient pockets.
  • Game controls and vivid details on all products.
  • Splitting the game characters across the product line.
  • Planning and design involved young mothers who pick up the fabric with its color and texture. Such an individual approach to all toys creates a completely new, unlike any that original creation.


The size of toy – pouf: 65 x 70 cm.

Brand Country: Belgium

Country of origin: Belgium


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Lilliputiens - is the story of two Belgian toys enthusiasts. Created in 1995, the brand began to develop unusual animal characters for kids. Welcome to the world of discovery and early learning, where creativity reigns! If you are looking for a toy for child development with completely safe and high-quality materials that will fascinate you with its appearance, Lilliputiens will be happy to help you with this! To create new interactive toys at Lilliputiens they have a team of dynamic and modern Wonderwomen (supermums)! This creative family knows what is necessary for the realization of the child's imagination into a toy. The "mothering", which lives in the soul of every character that Lilliputiens create, leaves everyone in love with them. Lilliputiens toys are safe. The Lilliputiens project team consists of young mothers, who, during their design of toys, first of all think about their safety. Carefully selected materials and finished toys are tested by independent external laboratories, they can guarantee that the Lilliputiens products are durable and safe at the same time. Each toy is tested immediately after production, and has a certificate that meets all European and international quality standards. All Lilliputiens toys and characters are created from different fabrics. The creative team of young mothers think about each fabric. They draw the details, carefully chosen colors and textures. Thus, thanks to the unique textures, each character gets their own style and the child quickly recognizes his favorite character from Lilliputiens brand.

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