Cesar the Bear Handel Rattle

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Grab Cesar the Bear by one of his handles and give him a little shake. You will hear that he makes a jingle noise!

Cesar the Bear is made from many different fabrics with different textures. They have been hand picked by the creative design team of mothers at Lilliputiens in Belgium. The dynamic team of super mums build each character with their own set of unique colours and materials that distinguish them from others.

Cesar the Bear handel rattle has a soft and uplifting smile, that will bring happiness to any child or adult. Lilliputiens made the handels so that they are large enough for a child to grab with ease. The space inbetween the handels is there so that Cesars little friend the buble bee from the garden can be pushed inside. Your child can build up strength in their arms as they grow to be able to push the owl inside.

Parents needent worry about Cesar becoming dirty as you are able to put him in the washing machine safe at 30ºC delicate wash. And allow to try naturally he will look as stunning as the first day you saw him. The designe of materials won’t  faid in colour when washed.


Toy size: 13 x 25 cm

Brand Country: Belgium.

Country of origin: Belgium



Lilliputiens - is the story of two Belgian toys enthusiasts. Created in 1995, the brand began to develop unusual animal characters for kids. Welcome to the world of discovery and early learning, where creativity reigns! If you are looking for a toy for child development with completely safe and high-quality materials that will fascinate you with its appearance, Lilliputiens will be happy to help you with this! To create new interactive toys at Lilliputiens they have a team of dynamic and modern Wonderwomen (supermums)! This creative family knows what is necessary for the realization of the child's imagination into a toy. The "mothering", which lives in the soul of every character that Lilliputiens create, leaves everyone in love with them. Lilliputiens toys are safe. The Lilliputiens project team consists of young mothers, who, during their design of toys, first of all think about their safety. Carefully selected materials and finished toys are tested by independent external laboratories, they can guarantee that the Lilliputiens products are durable and safe at the same time. Each toy is tested immediately after production, and has a certificate that meets all European and international quality standards. All Lilliputiens toys and characters are created from different fabrics. The creative team of young mothers think about each fabric. They draw the details, carefully chosen colors and textures. Thus, thanks to the unique textures, each character gets their own style and the child quickly recognizes his favorite character from Lilliputiens brand.

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