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Bookmarks DIY

Don’t lose the recipe you were doing or the page you were reading to your kids with Toucan Toys DIY.

A great project for a crafty Saturday, make your own Lilliputiens bookmarks with your kid’s favourite characters !
Follow these easy steps for a crafty Saturday at home with your « bigger » kids.

  1. Download the free printable from the link: Bookmark template
  2. Print it on a A4 paper
  3. Glue the paper to a thin cardboard
  4. Cut the bookmark
  5. Cut the arms with a cutter following the lines (the cutter should be handled by a parent !)

Tadaaaaa, you got a collection of the cutest bookmarks. Let Louise, Georges, Marius and their friends to watch over your library ! ✂️???❤️

DIY Bookmarks
Print bookmark
glue bookmark
cut out the template
cut template inside
use bookmark with children

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