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Summer DIY

Let’s get crafty this week and make something!
Teach your kids how to make a colorful pinwheel, following Toucan Toys & Lilliputiens simple steps.

You will need :

A computer / a printer / scissors / paper straws / a puncher / pins.

  1. Download the image with this link :
    yellow pinwheel
    blue pinwheel
    pink pinwheel 
  2. Print the image (recto/verso or just glue the pages together)
  3. Cut following the lines
  4. Punch holes
  5. Fold
  6. Hold
  7. Punch a hole in the straw
  8. Pin the paper first, then the straw
  9. Tadaaaaaa, you’ve got yourself a nice pinwheel to decorate your backyard, terracce, the beach…

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